Cora Mumford's page on Aztec warfare is highlighted where applicable in my Human Sacrifice page, but her page is a great resource in understanding not just warfare, but political structure and their motivations for war. Please check our her page here: Mumford's page on Aztec Warfare.

In addition, religions in Mesoamerica are related in a close and complex way. Many roots to Aztec religions came from the Toltecs and Teotihuacan, but other civilizations in the region share many of these roots. One major civilization with many religious similarities are the Maya. In our class, Robertson has a page on Maya religion. Check it out here: Robertson's page on Maya Religion.

Here are some links to other aspects of New World Civilizations being studies in this class:
Schenker's Page on Andean Warfare
Ferrer's Page on Warfare in the Andes
Van Gaasbeck's Page on Moche Social Relations in the Andes
Medrano's Page on Andean Ecology
Wheeler's Page on Maya Cities
For Religions see Religions of Other Great Civilizations